Are Neuma Hybrids autoclaveable?

The Neuma Hybrid is autoclaveable, but its counterpart, the Electric Module is not. Neuma recommends only autoclaving your Hybrid in the event that your Hybrid becomes contaminated, as extended exposure to autoclaves can be harmful to Hybrid bodies.

Are Hybrids adjustable?

Neuma Hybrids can be adjusted in a few ways. There are two stroke lengths, standard and long. The standard stroke is the same length offered with the Neuma 2. The long stroke is about 125% the length of the standard. There are also 3 variable softness cushions that can be interchanged for an added level of adjustablity. These cushions make a great difference and allow for any type of tattooing required.


Are Hybrids electric? Can i use my traditional power supply?

Hybrids, by default, are pneumatic. When coupled with an Electric Module they are converted to electric and can be used with many traditional power supply’s, foot switches, and RCA cables. A power supply needs to be an 18V power supply that is rotary-friendly.

What is the weight of the Neuma Hybrid?

The weight of the Hybrid is about 3.2 ounces, when combined with the electric module it weighs in at about 5.5


Can the stroke be adjusted?

There is no way to adjust the throw or stroke length on the machine itself. It comes with a fairly long stroke length, and can be shortened, by way of           where you lock tube into place.

Can a Neuma be tuned?

There is no tuning needed/possible on a neuma. They are manufacturer assembled and precision press-fit, and not intended to be taken apart.

What is the life-span of a Neuma?

The life of a neuma has yet to be determined. The longest running neuma today is 10 years old, and has tattooed relentlessly and ran for countless hours, as well as been autoclaved nearly a thousand times.

These machines are autoclavable?

Neumas are autoclavable. The ‘test’ Neuma that I have been using for 6 years, with intentions of breaking it, has been autoclaved nearly a thousand times and has also survived an accidental 8 hour exposure ime at 270 degrees. I still use it to this day.  It is recommended that a neuma is oiled every time it is autoclaved, by way of one drop of 3in1 OIL into the intake, which is also where the hose is attached.

Are Neumas compatible with my existing tubes and needles?

Neumas fit almost all tubes, and all pre-made needles. Needles made by the artist can also be used. So far Spaulding one piece tubes are the only tubes that will not lock down into a neuma vise.

What kind of compressor is needed to run a Neuma, and how much do they cost?

Any compressor with a tank and that provides at least 2 cfm per machine will operate a neuma. It is recommended that 3 or more cfm be used per machine to make the compressor run less and last longer.A regular compressor can be as little as 150-200 dollars. A silent compressor can start as low as 500 dollars, and depending on what you need, can go up from there. I personally recommend Jun-Air compressors and air products. They are top of the line, if you are looking for the absolute best in noise control and efficiency. I do make custom compressors for convention-goers and traveling artists of other types. It is about 1200 dollars and should last the life of your tattooing career. This is the compressor that I personally have been using.

Why do I need a Neuma regulator?

The regulators sold by Neuma are recommended because of a few reasons. First, they are 30 pound regulators, as opposed to the standard 160 pound regulators. This makes it possible to adjust between 7 and 8 psi, for example. The standard regulators are unable to do this. Also, neuma regulators come equipped with an on/off switch, a speed control, a gauge, and an automatic-purge water trap.

Are footswitches used with a neuma?

Yes, Neumas are operated with a foot switch. Regulators are also equipped with an on/off switch that is operated by use of the hand.