Our brand new website, the one we’ve been working on relentlessly for months behind the scenes, has officially launched, and we couldn’t be happier! Full of info and resources for neuma users, a new and very improved shopping interface, new artist pages, and so much more!!

We have added a FAQ section, and if you cannot find your question, you can ask Carson. If we receive the same question from another person, we will add the question to the list.

If you’re a new Neuma user, we have made the buying process much simpler. You can narrow your options by selecting your preferences on the left of the screen. You can also save a little bit by buying Neuma Packages and customize the machine(s) you select to your preferences.

If you’re already using Neuma, and know exactly how you want your machine to be built, try the machine configurator, a useful tool for customization.

Looking for Neuma in your region? Under the SUPPORT tab, you will find a section called “Where to buy” that lists our distributors. If there is not a distributor in your area, let us know and we will add one.

Also under SUPPORT, there are now a ton of resources, information about our cam system, troubleshooting, a digital Quickstart guide, and a handful of How-to videos that we will add to as needed.

Get your account registered today, there are a lot more uses and benefits to having one!