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Neuma tattoo machines are guaranteed to perform effectively and efficiently when used properly, with the exception of motors and parts subjected to normal wear and tear (such as cams, bearings, RCA jacks, wiring, rubber o-rings, or any components not manufactured by Neuma), for a period of 3 years. Please be aware that this warranty is voided if any machine is disassembled by the user for any reason, or if any machine is dropped or otherwise mistreated or misused. It is important to use only needle cartridges with a membrane in order to keep ink or other fluids from getting into the electrical and/or mechanical components of the machines, as this can also void the warranty. Normal wear components such as cams, springs, bearings, and motors are not covered under warranty. These are available for purchase separately.

Sending In Repairs

When sending in repairs, your package must include:

  • Your carefully packed machine and all parts
  • Completed repair form
  • Original proof of purchase

Send Repairs To:

Neuma Tattoo Machines
408 Grand Oak Lane
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Turnaround Time

We ask for up to 14 BUSINESS days from the day we receive your machine for a diagnosis to be completed by our technicians. All repairs enter a queue to be diagnosed and fixed in the order they arrive. Once we have a diagnosis, we will be able inform you on how long the repair may take.

Mark Your Package

ALWAYS mark the package with “REPAIR” for customs and please make sure to place our REPAIR FORM in the box along with your machine and original invoice. To ensure that your machine is transported safely we recommend using a cardboard box.

Keep a Receipt

Lastly – please keep your repair form when your machine is returned. This works as proof of repair if any further issues should occur later on.