Neuma Tattoo Machines were created by tattoo artist Carson Hill in the year 2000 when he invented his first pneumatic tattoo machine. He spent several years developing the original Neuma tattoo machine while maintaining a tattooing career. As a result, Carson has used his Neuma machines for nearly his entire career as a tattoo artist. The idea for an electric machine dubbed ‘Neuma FOUR’ was first conceptualized after Carson’s collaborative tattoo machine research project many years ago. Its design and development began in the year 2018, along with a number of very talented engineers and artists, and first came to market around the New Year of 2020. Neuma FOUR has undergone a few minor upgrades since then but has remained relatively unchanged.

Our past products, Neuma Hybrid and N2, were a consequence of a collaborative effort with many outstanding engineers and designers and ultimately resulted in the Neuma FOUR, which far exceeds the performance of any machine we have ever made.


Innovate, create, and empower. That is our motto. Simply stated, we intend to bring only the most innovative and industry-leading tools and technologies that truly serve to empower tattoo artists to create to the best of their ability.

Our goal is to constantly strive for improvement in our product line and tattoo equipment while bringing the very best quality of service to you. As designers, we will always commit to being creative, unique, and forward-moving regarding what we bring to the tattoo industry. This is an amazing community, and we are proud to be part of it.


Hi, my name is Carson Hill, and I am the creator of Neuma tattoo machines. I understand the importance of having proper tools for each tattoo project, so I believe that I have a duty as an artist and machine designer to make the best possible tattoo machines.

My mission as an artist is to improve and gain depth of experience and knowledge so that I always improve technically and creatively.

Therefore, my ultimate mission is to make the best possible tattooing equipment solutions. With Innovation, technology, and ground-breaking design, I believe that I have accomplished just what this industry needed with the Neuma FOUR.


The tattoo industry has a strong desire and hunger for technological advancement, and that is what Neuma is known to deliver. High-quality components, materials, features, versatility, and reliability are just some of what pushes the Neuma brand a level above the competition. In addition, the introduction of autoclave-friendly machine parts and antimicrobial composites sets the standard of cleanliness in the tattoo industry.

We at Neuma are dedicated to engineering the future of tattoo equipment. We will always remain on the cutting edge of technology in our products and services and will continually improve our products using science and innovation.