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Tattoo Machine Accessories

From tattoo machine motor assemblies, grips, cams, bearing arms, spring, RCA cords, cam lubricant and even batteries, we have everything you need to keep tattooing.

Tattoo Machine Motor Assemblies
Includes End Cap, Inner Housing with Anti-Rotation Pin, Custom Faulhaber Motor, RCA Assembly, 3 O-Rings and Hardware.

Tattoo Machine Grips
Protected RCA jack, disposable & autoclavable grip (options with multiple grip sizes), comfortable ergonomics, variable weight, compact diameter & length and low center of gravity.

Tattoo Machine Cams
Stroke profiles dictate how hard or soft the needle strikes the skin as well as how rapidly it retracts into the tip of the cartridge. In general, the lower the percentage, the faster the hand movement can comfortably be. Higher percentages are better for slower hand movements.

Tattoo Machine Bearing Arms
We offer 2 different bearing arms in order to achieve a softer or harder needle strike force (hit), depending on what you prefer or what purpose you are intending. For a softer hit, we recommend using the aluminum bearing arm, and for a more powerful hit, we recommend the brass bearing arm. Generally, we would suggest the brass bearing arm for heavy lining, color packing, and shading with large needle groupings, while we would suggest the aluminum bearing arm for more delicate line work, gray shading, and multiple-pass color blending.

Tattoo Machine Springs
Extra springs! These are steel springs with a passivation process done to prevent corrosion. Use Heavy Duty only if you are having trouble stabilizing Regular springs. Heavy Duty is primarily for use with cartridges with very light spring tension, and regular springs for everything else.

Tattoo Machine RCA Cord
7 foot (2.1 meter) Neuma RCA cord for use with Neuma tattoo machines. These cords are fully servicable on both ends, so that they can be repaired by the user.

Tattoo Machine Lubricant
All Neuma Tattoo Machines come with a small bottle of oil. When you run out, this bottle will last a long time.

Tattoo Machine Battery