Angela Wood

“My daily driver for doing color realism style is the Neuma 5 FLEX with the 3.6mm stroke length and the 33% stroke profile because it is absolutely perfect for saturating color. This set up is great for full blown color saturation as well as smooth color blending, which makes it a great machine for all aspects of this style.

The weight of the machine is so balanced and heavy enough that it effortlessly applies color without having to do much work at all. I believe the weight of the machine is enough to apply the color which allows me to hold the machine with a light hand saving my grip strength and giving me more endurance for larger pieces.

My favorite thing about Neuma tattoo machines are the ability for the machine to do it all!!Depending on the style of the tattoo and skin type, I will often change up the stroke profile to get a different desired effect. I’m a huge fan of the 28% stroke profile for smooth black and gray, and this set up also works great for color when doing a black and gray/color fusion- so no need to set up two machines!

Angela's preferred configuration

  • Neuma 5 FLEX MACRO
  • brass bearing arm
  • 3.6mm stroke length
  • 33% stroke profile