Hip is a very talented artist specializing in realism, who also has a popular tattoo related podcast called ‘Tattoo Guardians’, dedicated to the preservation of what truly matters in tattooing.

The Neuma 4! Where do I even begin?! I guess I’ll start by saying, I am someone who buys and sells machines out of sheer  curiosity on how they operate. I’m hands on, so I have to have my “hands on” any machine that I try. The Neuma 4 is remarkably versatile not to mention its simplicity. As I said, I buy machines to use them first hand. I have used a few different setups the Neuma 4 has to offer, from the aluminum 38mm grip to the steel 33mm low center of balance. These are just grips and weight distribution features, we haven’t even gotten to cams!  Now at first, I’ll be honest, I could not wrap my head around it. The whole idea was just beyond me. So I had to buy it to try it! These cams come in 20%, 28%, 33%, and 40%. These percentages mean the time the needle is in the skin. So for that punchy coil feel liner, I run the 20%. Just having this one option is an absolute game changer. I spoil myself when buying machines so I always run two at a time. My 20% cam is what I use for my line work and round shader work. My other Neuma 4 is set up to run the 28% cam or the 40% cam depending on what project I’m working on that day. The 28% is loaded when I’m wanting those smooth black and grays and the 40% for when I’m looking for that rich, saturated color! A typical rotary is about 50/50 when considering percentage of time in and out of the skin. Well that just wasn’t going to cut it for Carson and his team, so they went with a solid 40%, just effortlessly throwing colors in the skin and making blending colors a breeze. Less time in the skin, equals less trauma. Less trauma means you’re able to work your area without traumatizing the skin nearly as much, making it incredible in aiding the healing process of your tattoos! All that begin said, I’ve finally dialed in my setup. I’ve decided to run with the all steel 33mm lower balanced grip with the above mentioned cams. I like to feel the machine in my hand as I have large hands, it just feels right, perfect balance, perfect weight, perfect machines. I just can’t say enough about this machine. The weight distribution lets the machine and needle do the work, my hand just helps it move along! The simplicity and workability of the Neuma 4 is unmatched in my professional opinion, which is why I fell in love with it immediately. You also have the ability and options of: color, size, weight, needle retraction, stroke, grip shape and size. If you’re still a skeptic, buy one! Or two!! You will not be disappointed. After all, don’t your clients deserve the BEST?! Happy artists, make for happy clients!

– Hip

Hip's preferred Configuration

  • 33mm black steel grip
  • steel inner housing
  • brass bearing arm
  • 3.6mm stroke length
  • 20%, 28%, 40% stroke profiles