Ina Vigilato

If you’re not already following Ina Vigilato be sure to go check her out. One of the most enthusiastically dedicated tattoo artists we know, and we’re super proud to have her on our team. Thanks Ina, you’re a gem!

“From day one using this I felt it and it seemed so natural coming from Carson that what he created would contain such a powerful intention. So I never thought to mention it before. It was like, oh yeah, Carson is magical so this makes sense and feels natural to me. This feeling and awareness is magnifying and growing magnanimously.

This is beyond a machine… it’s a vessel, an open channel for for spirit to pass through for those who hold it and connect with it. The transfer of energy from the tattooer to the client and vice versa.

Carson literally created breath in a machine!!!! Movement of breath energy !! That’s Neuma ! That is the definition of it regardless if it’s with an air compressor or not. There is ABSOLUTELY no denying it.

It’s gentle. It’s unfuckable with.”

-Ina Vigilato

Ina's preferred configuration

  • 33mm aluminum SHIFT grip
  • aluminum inner housing
  • brass bearing arm
  • 3.6mm stroke length
  • 20, 33, 40% stroke profile