Kevin Boudreau

“I’ve been using Neuma tattoo machines for the past couple of years and I absolutely love them. I used to have two machines set up, one for lining, and one for shading. I always want my lines to be packed in nice and crisp and my shading to be soft and smooth. Now that the Neuma 5 Flex came out I only need one machine. This machine allows me to pack in solid line work like a coil would while also allowing me to shade soft and delicately. The only adjustment I make during my tattoo process is the voltage. This takes one push of a button thanks to the new presets on the battery. This machine and company kick ass and I honestly can’t say enough good things about them!”

-Kevin Boudreau

Kevins preferred configuration

  • 33mm aluminum grip
  • brass bearing arm
  • 3.6mm stroke length
  • 20% stroke profile