Lisette Martinez

“Of all the machines I have tried Neumas are by far the most dynamic and versatile. Having the ability to simply (yes simply!) switch out the cam to best fit the style of the tattoo I’m creating is fantastic. It completely changes the entire feeling of my machine making it truly customizable to each artists hand.
From what I have noticed, my 3.6mm flex can easily become a liner (L cam), color packer (28-33%), or soft black and grey machine (40%) solely depending on which cam I use. The best way to describe this machine is CONFIDENT. Even with a cam as soft as 40% the flex quickly and efficiently puts ink into the skin on the first pass while still being gentle enough for smooth realism. The design of this machine is beautiful and well balanced as well. I like that it’s short which helps keep the weight off my wrist.

My other favorite Neuma is the macro. This is my go-to for my blackwork tattoos. All of the weight is at the base of the grip which I feel helps with creating balanced peppered shading. I keep my 10% cam stocked in this machine and it’s great for fast shading, packing, and blackwork shading.”


Lisette's preferred configuration

  • Neuma 5 FLEX MACRO
  • 33mm aluminum grip
  • brass bearing arm
  • 3.6mm stroke length
  • 20% stroke profile