Melis Fusco

“Tattooing since 2003 and using strictly rotaries since 2011, I have been unknowingly holding myself back to match the lackluster power of other rotarie machines. I was thankful to have the support of two other machine companies during that time. However, not giving up on my search for a rotary that strikes the skin like that of a coil. My search has ended with Neuma.

I love rotaries for the obvious reasons; quick swapping of needle cartridges, dependability, balanced weight and the sleekness of the machines for cleaning. But what makes Neuma stand alone in our industry with a consistent growing use of rotaries? Two things: power of the motor and the vertical snapping movement of the cam that pushes the needle. Not only do you feel this with its consistent saturating capabilities or when creating single pass line work but there’s also less trauma to the skin. Thus allowing for a smoother, quicker heal. The ability to switch cams to match your cadence and style as a tattooer makes these machines more personalized for you. Whether it is the cam or the grip options, you have the ability to dial it in. This allows the machine to become the truest extension of yourself and tattoo with confidence every time.

My clientele is predominantly women, ages 25-45. Depending on the area of the body I am tattooing and the maturity of the skin, I will adjust my machine accordingly. Whether I swap out my go to 4.2 28% cam for the 3.6 33% , I can easily make adjustments to accommodate such instances on the fly.

With Neuma, you will create a smoother application process and work confidently with your chosen configuration.”


Melis' preferred configuration

  • Neuma 5 FLEX MACRO
  • brass bearing arm
  • 3.6mm stroke length
  • 20% stroke profile