Nick Baxter

Nick Baxter @burningxhope is an amazingly dedicated artist and we absolutely love all of his work! He is so incredibly skilled with rendering and detail that much of his work looks photo-realistic. However, his creative compositions and graphic elements puts him in a class of his very own.

The 3.6mm 28% cam, with brass armature bar is the configuration I use for just about everything. It’s great for lining as it hits hard and gets into and out of the skin quickly and in equal measure on the down and up stroke. For those same reasons this cam is also ideal for a faster hand motion, which I tend to have when shading and packing color, so I use it for all phases of a tattoo. The grip I most commonly pair this with is the 38mm aluminum, since the fatter ergonomic shape facilitates a wide range of grip positions and hand motions, while the lighter weight helps avoid hand fatigue.

Since one of the best things about the Neuma 4 is its ability to be customized, I will occasionally deviate from my preferred setup for special use cases. Sometimes I’ll use a 33% or 40% cam that spends more time in the skin, for some slow packing or soft black and gray. And I love the more powerful MACRO edition motor with a heavy solid stainless steel or brass grip for outlining with larger groupings like 7RL or 9RL. The stronger motor drives the large groupings effectively enough for very efficient single pass outlines, while the weight of the grip cancels out unwanted fine hand movements or shakiness, and helps weigh down the machine towards the skin, doing more of the work for me.

– Nick Baxter

Nick's preferred configuration

  • Neuma 5 FLEX MACRO
  • 33mm aluminum grip
  • brass bearing arm
  • 3.6mm stroke length
  • 28% stroke profile