Shane Baker

Shane Baker creates very powerful imagery with solid, strong, designs he creates custom for his clientele. Its hard to label his style because its so diverse, from illustrative to realism, everything he does is inspiring! Be sure to check out his work.

“When I first got my Neuma 4, I was using the one machine for everything. Just the standard copper grip, with 3.6 mm stroke 20% cam. Immediately felt like it was great for lining. But was doing everything pretty well.

A bit later I picked up a second as a backup, but wanted to try a different configuration.

That one is the shift grip, on a 2.75mm stroke with the 28% cam. For my money, this set up is ideal for black and grey shading, and color packing. I use groupings from 7mag to 23mag and it has no trouble pushing any of them.

Between the light weight of the machine, and the shift grips versatility it’s much more comfortable to get a variety of different hand angles. Add a wireless battery pack and the freedom of movement is amazing.”

-Shane Baker

Shane's preferred configuration

  • 33mm aluminum SHIFT grip
  • aluminum inner housing
  • brass bearing arm
  • 2.75mm stroke length
  • 28% stroke profile