Liam Monaham

Liam Monahan is an incredibly talented Australian artist based in Canada, specializing in very bold and dramatic realistic motifs. Owner of @cryptichive Tattoo and Art Theatre, Liam is always up to impressive and creative projects and ideas and we definitely recommend that everyone give him a follow!

I use the Neuma 4 stainless steel 27mm grip. I absolutely love the weight of this machine and how well it’s balanced & perfectly weighted into the tip between the fingers, to be light on the hand but enough driving force and stability to balance its power.

My favourite way to use this machine and set up is the heavy duty spring with the 2.75 mm cam at 40%, as the short stroke at 40% is ideal for achieving and building up super soft fades with precision accuracy for details and textures with minimal trauma to the skin. I then swap out the cam to the 4.2 mm at 40% for packing my strong blacks. These particular set ups give me a rhythmic flow to achieve my black and grey surrealism with ease and supports super quick healing without any complications.

– Liam Monaham

Liam's preferred configuration

  • 27mm steel grip
  • aluminum inner housing
  • brass bearing arm
  • 2.75 & 4.2mm stroke lengths
  • 40% stroke profile