Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas is an extraordinary person and artist, and just so happens to be the very first person on earth to buy a Neuma 4, and love it! We appreciate the leap of faith he took when there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that this machine would deliver the result he was looking for!

“After getting a little too excited on Christmas Day 2019 I made my first purchase from Neuma. I was fortunate enough to have acquired the first neuma that was made available and have been using it since it’s release. From the moment it landed I haven’t used another rotary. Theres been no need to. Originally they came with the standard bearing arm and a 20% cam wheel. I’ve since tried the 33%, the 40% and also used the 28% (with 2.75mm stroke) cam in conjunction with the aluminium bearing arm (which has been amazing for black and grey and fine line work. I’ve completed 5-6 hour sessions on clients with almost no redness or swelling).

Because I prefer the simplest approach and started with the 20% at 3.6mm, I feel most comfortable using that with the brass bearing arm. It allows me to sculpt lines, as well as blend and pack colour with minimal trauma across the board. If I have a job that is shading specific for the day, I’ll use the 33% or the 40% respectively, but I like the coil-like response and it just feels the best in my hand.

By the same token if I have a large scale black and grey piece on, ill either stick with the 20% or move across to the 28% 2.75mm with the aluminium bearing arm as it feels a lot zippier and runs like my old black and grey coil shader.

I’m seeing faster heals and better pigment retention and couldn’t be more content with the current setup (until Carson revolutionises things again that is).”

-Jack Douglas

Jack's preferred configuration

  • Neuma 5 FLEX/
  • 33mm aluminum grip
  • brass and aluminum bearing arm
  • 3.6mm stroke length
  • 20%, 28%, 33%, 40% stroke profiles