We’re huge fans of Ty McEwen and the work he does. He has a very unique, organic style that can be seen from miles away due to how bold and larger-than-life his designs and compositions are. Ty genuinely loves his craft, and is always working hard to create to the best of his ability.

“My most common set up when using the neuma ,is the 3.6 mm stroke and I tend to bounce most between the 28% cam and the 33% cam. I find those two feel the most like my old faithful coil machines. They respond to the way I tattoo. I don’t have to change the way I tattoo for the machine. I almost exclusively use the shift grip. I find that the Ergonomics of that grip are very well thought out and super useful for long sessions. And especially in those awkward positions for neck tattoos, feet tattoos, backs of arms etc.”

-Ty McEwen

Ty's preferred configuration

  • Neuma 5 FLEX MACRO
  • 33mm aluminum grip
  • brass bearing arm
  • 3.6mm stroke length
  • 33% stroke profile