NEW Artist Pages!!

Be sure to check out our artist pages. These are Tattoo Artists who currently use Neuma machines, what they like about them, and their preferred Neuma 4 configurations. If you know a certain artist who uses Neuma and know you’ll like it the same way they do, this is an easy way to configure your… Continue reading NEW Artist Pages!!

NEW Custom Machines

We now have added a custom machines section. In this section you will find hand-carved or engraved machines, custom one-off colors from time to time and other unique machines!


We have added a troubleshooting guide to the site. Here you can self-diagnose what may be causing your machine to act funny, eliminating the need for service in many cases.

Digital Quickstart Guide

Check out the Quickstart guide here on the site. All machines come with a printed version, but in case you lose it, you can always find it here.

Cam Education

We have a new “Cam Education” page here to help you understand what makes Neuma special, and to describe the cam variations a bit more, check that out here… Cam Education

Brand New Website!!!

Our brand new website, the one we’ve been working on relentlessly for months behind the scenes, has officially launched, and we couldn’t be happier! Full of info and resources for neuma users, a new and very improved shopping interface, new artist pages, and so much more!! We have added a FAQ section, and if you… Continue reading Brand New Website!!!